Terre Di San Vito Mosi Organic Rosé Wine 75cl


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Our organic Mosì rose wine, uses 100% Bombino Nero grapes, known for their intense aroma, light, soft and fresh taste. The Bombino Nero is a red Italian wine grape variety that is grown in southern Italy, particularly the regions of Apulia (IGT). The grapes bleed their colour into the wine very quickly, resulting in a fresh, well-coloured deliciously light rosé.

The delicious Bombino Nero grape gives this fine wine a soft pink colour. It has an intense aroma of pomegranate and berries and is illuminated by delicate reflections of cherry. On the nose it is fruity with hints of black cherry and raspberry. It is well-structured and deeply flavoursome, leaving a soft, fresh taste in the mouth.

We use traditional, Southern Italian methods for collecting our olives and grapes as well as in the making of our sundried tomatoes and vegetables marinated in olive oil. These Southern Italian methods really mean getting the staff and the whole family together: sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins – including the family from England (timing holidays to coincide with harvest time).

Our Terre Di San Vito rose wine and red wines can be opened as if there were no wax at all. Simply insert the corkscrew straight through the wax and pull out the cork as normal. Mosi is a fresh, well-coloured fine wine, and is great with seafood or white meat.

Creating the best wine would not be possible without the Terre Di San Vito team and family. We strongly believe that you cannot make great produce without a great team and great passion. We believe this passion is what makes our products taste SO good.

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