Bowl Grabber French Rose Wine 75cl Case of 6


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Carefully selected by Master of Wine Barry J. Dick and produced and lovingly nurtured in a small area within the Côte d’Azur, Bowl Grabber fruity rose wine will quickly become your go-to wine of choice!

Bowl Grabber French Rose is a dry, pale wine that comes with real finesse and an intense aroma of ripe orchard fruits. But why ‘BOWL GRABBER’? A ‘bowl grabber’ refers to someone who holds their glass by the ‘bowl’ and not the stem – an act that’s considered a no-no in ‘genteel’ wine-drinking circles. We, however, believe that enjoying the wine is far more important than discussing the rules.

This wine, made from freshly harvested Grenache and Syrah grapes, is as simple to make as winemaking goes. There’s no oak added. Rather, it’s all about getting a rose wine that’s produced with the maximum freshness.

Tradition always suggests a food pairing and while you can drink this elegant bottle wine with whatever (and whenever!) you like, if you do wish to match with food, we’d say that the wine makes a great pairing with pasta dishes, grilled chicken, and barbeques. It really is the perfect summer drinking!

Serving Suggestions: In the south of France Rose is frequently served on a hot day with ice cubes to ensure the wine temperature is exceptionally fresh. But, really, it’s entirely up to you how you wish to serve, as long as you enjoy and find yourself coming back for more!

Brand Bowl Grabber
Varietal designation Shiraz, Grenache
Flavour Syrah
Vintage 2020
Alcohol Content 12.5 Percent by Volume
Wine type Red Wine
Allergen information Contains: Sulphites

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Primary Grape



Bowl Grabber

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Rosé Wine


Côte d’Azur

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